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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Bald babies VS babies with hair

The first time I ever went to my wife's grandparents' house for a Sunday roast, her grandmother winked at me, pointed at a photo on the wall, and said "what's wrong with that picture?"

The picture was of my wife as a baby, and I stupidly said the first thing that came into my head. "She doesn't have any hair, and looks like an evil genius?"

Apparently that was the wrong answer. It was because she wasn't wearing any shoes in it.

Anyway, our son is now seven months old and hardly has any hair at all. He looks like a little old man, especially when I dress him in his cardigan. He does have hair but it's very fine and you need to be up close to see it. It has a sort of charm about it when he's messing up our house, it's like 'oh look at the little old man. Bashing things with his spoon and throwing his food all over the floor'.

But here's where it gets interesting. Apparently one of my friends has quite a soft spot for C and had often said to his wife that he loves it that he doesn't have any hair. This information was leaked back to us via his wife. So when I next met up with him and asked him about it, he leaned in and explained that he doesn't trust babies with hair. Babies shouldn't have hair. End of.

I laughed my arse off. It was funny, the idea of a mohawked baby plotting to steal his wallet. I am pretty sure that whether or not your baby has hair to begin with, it's genetic. H didn't have hair for quite a while when she was young so I think C has inherited this. Either way, he's our lovely, wobbly, little old man, and we will often have a chuckle about his antics around the house.

I'd be interested to hear your follicle related anecdotes about your kids. Please comment and subcribe via Bloglovin or follow me on Twitter!

P.S. Interesting fact I discovered - some people shave the head of their babies to supposedly promote hair growth. Barbaric!

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  1. Yeah, the head shaving thing is an old wives tale - I remember when I had my first son, all the old ladies in the village said I should shave his hair to make it grow back thick and strong.

    Obviously I just smiled, nodded and moved on...


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