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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Choosing The Right Baby Changing Bag - The Dad's Survival Guide

Changing bags tend to make me vom. I've seen loads of male friends succumb to colourful, flowery ones and walk around seemingly oblivious that they are letting the side down by having that bag slung over their shoulders.

So it's time for a rant. Here is how to choose the right baby changing bag for any self respecting fathers out there. I'll talk you through my journey all the way from research to purchase.

First of all, I wanted something that didn't de-masculinise me as a dad. It is ultimately a glorified handbag, and I cringe whenever my wife hands me her bag in public and says "just hold this a minute" while I skulk outside a ladies' changing room in a shop, trying to not appear like I am a pervert despite the fact that right in front of me I can practically see a random stranger's bum cheek through a crack in the curtain. Oh yes and I'm holding a handbag, just to give me extra voyeur points.

So I started searching online and was delighted to find this little number.

An ammunition box. Brilliant, I'll just add an army surplus strap to it and that will do the job. However for some reason entirely unknown to me, my wife didn't like it.

So I begrudgingly did some more research, went on Amazon and immediately I was slapped in the face with red patent leather options, large yellow tote, french stripe, purple quilted fabric, messenger, stroller bags, you name it they had it. Ugh, everywhere I looked there was danger. It was a case of man down, get me out of here, this is no place for a dad. My eyes were spinning and I was in full blown panic mode. I really had to scrape the shelves looking for something acceptable to the eyes.


Babymoov Free Hand Maternity Changing Nappy Bag - Almond / Taupe

Babymel Big Slouchy Twisted Red Changing Bag

Kalencom Fashion Diaper Bag

Bebemon Urban XL Baby Changing Bag - Tangerine


Already knowing I didn't want to do the boring thing of getting a blue one just because we were having a boy, and pink being obviously off the menu for 101 reasons, I started scouting the black ones. Ok, blend in, camouflage. Find something innocuous and discreet. Don't spend a fortune, seek and ye shall find.

And then bingo. Hallelujah. I will forgive thee for thy furry sides because here was the Wallaboo changing bag. Boasting faux suede with fleece trim, five pockets and two large inner compartments, and a wipeable, foldable plastic change mat. It wasn't big but it was definitely clever and an added bonus that we had already bought the matching Wallaboo footmuff to line the Britax car seat in case he got cold.

Ok, ok, so it had fur sides but I reasoned I could get away with it as we had already bought the footmuff. The two would blend in, and I could hang it off the back of the buggy. The two items go very well together as you will see here:

The Wallaboo brand is an Australian one that I hadn't heard of, so I figured I was also being slightly edgy and cool to go for it. But then maybe that is probably me just over-thinking it in my usual style. Plenty of strangers have commented on the bag though and C-Dawg has always loved the footmuff and slept well and felt cosy in it, so I'm pleased with the purchase.

Overall review
I would give the bag four stars out of five. The reviews on Amazon are fair. Everything about the bag is good except for the space, sometimes you do feel as though you are having to cram things in like you're going away on holiday. But on the positive side at least you don't have an intrusively clunky bag like some of the others on the market, so you take the rough with the smooth.

This is an astute purchase for dads who don't want to draw attention to themselves while carrying their delightful soiled nappies around, and mums will be happy with it too as it is made of good quality materials and looks fashionable. You should be able to pick it up cheaply on eBay, or brand new for around £39 if you have your wits about you.

I also got the footmuff for £15 on eBay.

Good luck with finding a man friendly bag. It's a jungle out there.

And now, I've written an updated guide for 2016 with what I know now VS what I knew when I wrote this in 2013! Be careful, this may actually blow your mind. It's a gamechanger.


  1. Love this post...! And completely agree, the majority are all so terrible. Check out Pacapod too, we just got the rucksack... v.manly and so wonderfully practical!

  2. I completely love your post. I love the one colorful diaper bag. So attractive and eye catching to people. Vanchi

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