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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Diary Ramble - Men Can't Multi-task!

What's up, doc?

It was lovely today to pick up C from his childminder for the first time. Usually it's H who does it as she works part time but I had the chance to experience his glorious, comical facial expression as he eyed me coming into the room. He looked at me like he knew me, but wasn't sure where from, but that I was clearly someone very intriguing. Sat up straight in his colourful inflatable play ring, and rocking back and forth like a spring that had been twanged, if that makes sense. Enjoying his new motor skills and working on his balance techniques no doubt.

But anyway, picture an extremely cute baby, eyes as wide as saucers, mouth ajar, lips curled into a slight smile and eyebrows raised, while leaning back and bending forward like a yo-yo. Not saying anything, just staring, in a very curious and shocked manner! Maybe he was expecting his mum, but he held that face for about 30 seconds. It was an incredible experience to witness it and I felt really proud, he looked like a little boy as opposed to a baby. I also felt sad that I don't get to do this more often.

He is lucky to have an excellent childminder. It's a small, cosy house and there are three other children ranging in age from about one to three years old. Obviously my arrival had caused some excitement as one of them had said "there's a tall daddy standing outside" and they all ran around the house like puppies when I walked in, jumping all over the sofas and so on. It seemed like a really happy little family and C was very content in it. The other kids clearly love him and apparently the two year old kid lies down and lets him grab his hair while he's sat in the play ring. Although there's one who is a year old and he apparently has had his nose put out of joint by not being the "baby" any more! So I sat down with C, talking to him while he smiled at me, not saying a word and meanwhile a girl talked continuously to the side of my face, all about how did I know her full name was A, B, C, D and her daddy has a very big beard. They are lovely kids for him to be surrounded by, so I think we've really lucked out here.

So H wasn't due back for a while so it was down to me to do his bedtime routine and cook our food. Normally I get home quite late so I don't often get a chance to do it. She is so good how she manages to do it and I'm ever grateful to her. It must be very difficult being a mum and also running the house, I help out with the chores when I'm home but often a lot of the hard graft and the cooking has already been done by the time I get back - including juggling C's needs, feeding him and putting him to bed. So as I was cooking I was just thinking that to myself about how much I appreciate her. I was also thinking I was doing a good job so far, C went down to sleep perfectly and I'd managed some cleaning and tidying and would probably have food ready by the time she was home.

At this point it's maybe worth mentioning that anyone reading this would probably think "what are you going on about, that isn't difficult at all" but this is coming from someone who tends to struggle with stuff like this and takes three hours to clean the house whereas my wife can do it in one hour! I'm no masterchef and have about five or six meals I can cook perfectly well, but she is a very adept cook. So I was feeling pleased with myself and thinking. "this isn't so bad, I could be a house husband!"

So just as I was starting to feel smug and on top of things, H came home.

"Er... why is the temperature in C's room 21 degrees?" She exclaimed.

It turned out I had left the radiator on full blast.

"And why have you set the washing machine to dry instead of wash?"

"I... er... what do you mean? It's on wash isn't it?"

"No it's on dry."

Time to get back in my box, I thought.

They say men can't multi-task, and here is case in point!


  1. You see this is what is women are so great at - bursting bubbles! I know I do it to my OH sometimes and it doesn't do a lot for his confidence! Sounds like you've found somewhere really perfect for your boy, such a weight off isn't it?

    1. It is indeed. It definitely is harder for dads sometimes but I only have myself to blame :-)

  2. What a lovely photo. I think we get set in our routines of how we do things and look for faults when others do them. I bet she appreciated the help though

  3. I know some great child minders too, always a bonus.
    As for the multi tasking........just don't get me started!?

  4. Wouldn't be too hard on yourself....am always getting settings on washer-drier wrong! Think we all get set in our own routines. Sounds like a lovely child minder...makes such a difference when you have found a happy and relaxed environment. Web pages looking crisp and modern!


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