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Sunday, 1 December 2013

A Christmas Photoshoot

I was walking through Cabot Circus in Bristol on Friday and I noticed a stall offering free Christmas themed photoshoots. Well this is one devoted dad who doesn't need to be sold to when the words 'free' and 'photoshoot' are used in the same sentence.

They sat him down on a little red table among some presents and tinsel and away we went.

 Hmm... what's this shiny stuff?

 Ahh... it makes a pleasing noise when I lift it up and down...


 I like this box too. Why don't I bash it on the table to see if it opens...

 My preccciioooooussss! (Gollum)

 Huh? You're taking pictures of me?!

 Can't you see I'm busy?

 See? I'm showing you the pleasing noise this stuff makes when I lift it..

 And it smells so good too.. wow.

OK. You can take my picture now. 
But I'm not going to smile for you. 
I'm far too busy for that..

 Alright. Since you've asked 100 times..
 One smile. But not at the camera. 
P.S. Check out my bottom chompers!

As you can see, it was a lot of fun. I was proud of the way he sat up so nicely during the photoshoot and he has really found his balance now. It's a shame he couldn't engage more with the camera though! He's normally such a smiley baby but as he was so interested in the presents and the tinsel he was completely preoccupied and treating his sensory play like a very serious business indeed!


  1. No I have to say I really really ,like these, so natural and more interested in the surroundings than the camera. Did you get all of these for free?

  2. In the end it wasn't free! I paid £30 for the CD Rom so they got me!

  3. These are nice because they're so natural rather than posed. Super cute! Love the one where he looks like he's smelling the tinsel haha.

  4. They always get you somehow. My last shoot was "just £20" for a home shoot. Except I had to go into central London (oxford street) with buggy at Christmas to view (£10 travelcard) and after refusing anything other than my free one (they wanted £39 per pic or "just" £1299 for all on disc) I got slapped with £10 charge for recorded delivery of my free pic. So you did ok!!

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