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Thursday, 5 December 2013

The A to Z of Me

I was tagged to give an A-Z by Make me an Earth Mother.
Challenge accepted!

A is for animals. I really love animals, especially my cat. I always thought I was a dog man and I didn't like cats, until I lived with one.

B is for Bristol, where I live now. My wife brought me here after we met at university and I haven't looked back, the city is my home now. It's bursting with culture and things to do, and it never feels too big. You can be out in the countryside in no time, and it's not too far away from...

C is for Cornwall, where I was born and raised. I'll always be a Cornishman, and I like nothing more than a long weekend down there. My mum still lives in the house I grew up in, so it has many happy childhood memories for me and I'll be sad if she ever sells the place. Also C is for cricket, I'm a huge fan of the game and play for a local team during the summer. C also stands for chess.

D is for Dumas. One of my favourite books is The Count of Monte Cristo, I still count it as one of my greatest achievements getting through that book. It was written in 1844 and 1200 pages long. Hard work!

E is for Eric Cantona. My childhood hero.

F is for fantasy football, which I've played for many years now. Also F is for fags, sadly I am still addicted to these. Tobacco, I mean. That's what we call cigarettes in the UK (in case you are reading this from America!)

G is for geography. I studied it at university, but it bored me.

H is for history. It's a subject I'm very interested in - more on that later. I originally went to uni to study this, and I should have stuck to it.

I is for Israel. I visited it once when I was very young and I can still count from one to ten in Hebrew.  Normally I have a very bad memory so it's weird that I can still remember how to do this.

J is for jumpers. I love my knitwear. I don't buy masses of clothes like I used to, but I invest in quality knitwear to last me through the year.

K is for knights. When I was a kid, I used to be obsessed with them, whether it was doodling and sketching or re-enacting battles with toys, or reading the stories of King Arthur.

L is for Lego. I can't wait til my son is older, when we can start building stuff. Also L is for laughing. I love to laugh.

M is for Mongols. A fascinating period of history, and if you want to read the amazing and unbelievable story of Genghis Khan then I recommend these books by Conn Iggulden. If you don't know anything about the Mongols, it will blow your mind.

N is for numbers. Everyone in my family failed their GCSE maths exam first time, and so they were all telling me I was fated to fail as well. But it made me determined not to, so I got a B instead.

O is for Ocean Colour Scene, the first band I ever saw live.

P is for Poldark. I was once an extra in a TV adaptation of it! I was only young, and I was playing an angry miner boy. I had mud rubbed all over my face and an over-sized wig, and stood outside a mine on a freezing cold cliff-top. I shook my fist and shouted at the owners of the mine because we hadn't been paid. It was fun, and as I was only a kid at the time, the £50 I was paid for the day's work was like a fortune to me.

Q is for Quorn. I can't stand the stuff, and I can't understand how anyone can eat it!

R is for random things tend to make me chuckle. Like some toilet graffiti I once discovered: "look right to play toilet tennis." "Now look left."

S is for siblings. I have three sisters and one brother and they're all a lot older than me, so I'm the baby of the family! Also skiing. I haven't been in years, and my wife insists that her one and only trip to a Bulgarian resort with me has put her off skiing for life. I do love it though, I hope to go again sometime!

T is for Table Tennis. Forehand smash and backhand slice, these are a few of my favourite things.

U is for Uncle. I have four nephews and four nieces. The eldest is only 5 years younger than me, so that' can be a bit weird sometimes! Meanwhile, one niece is exactly the same age as our son. Quite a coincidence, but my brother and I became fathers on the same day!

V is for Vikings. This is my favourite period of history, when the Danes conquered half of Britain and robbed us blind while monks prayed to god hoping they would just go away. While losing all their gold. Meanwhile the Vikings had their amazing pagan gods and buried their gold in the ground. Some of my favourite books are these ones by Bernard Cornwell.

W is for wife, my best friend and soul mate.

X is for Xbox One. That was easy.

Y is for yurt. I would like to have one in my garden one day, with a log burner!

Z is for zany sense of humour. I think I have one of these!



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