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Thursday, 23 January 2014

9 months old.

In two days he will be 9 months old. So time for an update I think.

Now crawling, he likes to try and pull himself up on things. When he cries for his night feed he is sitting up in his cot like a buddha, and that never fails to freak me out a little. I guess it won't be long until he is standing in it, gripping the bars and gurgling.

He doesn't really talk, but he laughs lots and is a happy, smiley baby. He is starting to wave and clap his hands in response to us, but still doesn't sleep much during the day.

I think we must be quite lucky as he seems to be in a good routine. He goes to bed at about 5pm, wakes at 11pm for a feed and goes straight back to sleep until about 7:30am. That's about 13 hours sleep at night.

He absolutely hates having saline nasal spray squirted up his nose, or having his nose wiped, but I must admit I love doing it and it's really satisfying when you get a good squirt in there! He likes to brush his own teeth and he continues to love bathtime.

Avocado is his favourite food and he'll never say no to a banana or a satsuma. On the whole, he isn't fussy and when we go out for lunch he will eat whatever we have without a complaint.

So on reflection, I think we have a good baby here! A lot of time can be spent as a new parent thinking about whether you are doing things right. Should we be dropping the night feed I wonder, now that he's nearly 9 months? Science probably says yes, but if it means we get uninterrupted sleep then maybe not!

My favourite thing at the moment is to kiss him on the top of his forehead when I do the night feed, there is a lush little squidgy, fatty bit of skin there that wiggles when I move it from side to side.

On another note, I think he's going to be tall like me, as his trousers for a 9-12 month old fit him very comfortably and we've already had to buy the next size up for when he has his next growth spurt. Watch this space!

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