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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

10 reasons why Curious George is the most adorable show on tv to watch with your toddler

I'll admit it, I am a Curious George superfan. My son is nearly three years old now and this is our thing together. Mummy doesn't know how to get Netflix on the Xbox so he has to watch the vile awful Peppa Pig with her instead. But sitting down to watch 22 minutes of this tv show with him after a long day is one of life's pleasures. Seriously.

For those of you that don't know, Curious George is based on books written by Hans Augusto Rey and Margret Rey, a couple who fled Paris during the war in 1940 and went to New York. For a potted history, here's the Wikipedia page.

You can watch it on Netflix and also the Disney Channel if you're in the UK.

Anyway, here are my top ten things I love about George.

1. He's ridiculously cute.

2. Seriously. Dat face
And he makes adorable monkey noises too.

3. It's massively educational.
The format of every episode involves George being presented with a 'problem' or something that needs solving. In one episode he breaks The Man in the Yellow Hat's guitar. Sounds sinister right? No, the man is actually a nice guy, a father figure to George. George is a monkey who has free rein to do as he pleases, but he always has a 'dad' to come home to.

So when he breaks the man's guitar, he needs to make a new one to avoid upsetting him, so he gets a bird house, straps it so some wood, attaches some strings, and bingo. Here's your new guitar.

In other episodes he builds a house for a squirrel that keeps sneaking into his house to keep warm, and in another he even builds an igloo.

Basically George is always fixing people's shit, and learning new skills along the way. There are never ending problems, or hamsters going missing, or ducks who have been rejected by their mothers, and he sorts it all out.

He even makes a badass go-kart in one episode (or soap box racer I should say) complete with steering and a working brake. For my son, who loves anything mechanical, construction, or engineering related he is in his element learning and watching these things.

4. George possibly used to be addicted to drugs, and smoked a pipe
Ok. Not really, he did makes mistakes along the way but he changed his ways in order that he could light up our living rooms and educate our children. I haven't read the old books but I understand he was quite mischievous. He was a bad monkey. There's a lovely blog about it here. Curious George - not quite what I remembered!

5. THIS episode

6. Why so curious, George?

7. I mean seriously. Why so curious?

8. More internet memes. Gotta love 'em.

9.  George has excellent names around the world.
  • Utelias Vili in Finland (sounds like a pipe smoking physics professor if you ask me)
  • Peter Pedal in Denmark (weird!)
  • Slimme Sjors in the Netherlands (Slimy Sjors!)
  • Nicke Nyfiken in Sweden (it sounds like he's a pickpocket)
  • Curioso come George in Italy
  • Jorge el Curioso in Mexico, Spain, etc

10. And finally. Curious George cosplay, for couples. 
There's something deeply wrong about this!

Oh George. We love you.

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