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Friday, 17 June 2016

A faint-hearted father's guide to being around breastfeeding - an article I wrote for Tantrum XYZ Magazine.

"Sorry, Snoop. A pocketful of rubbers was the last thing on my mind. I had never been so terrified in all my life. I didn’t want any of these lovely ladies to think I was a voyeur..."

I was commissioned to write a blog about my thoughts on breastfeeding, i.e. from a dad's perspective. I really enjoyed writing it. Breastfeeding is wonderful, but I've got a few stories about the more, shall we say, squeamish parts of it all!

> You can read the full article here!

Tantrum XYZ is a brilliant magazine and online shop for beleaguered parents who appreciate style and good design (with a lashing of sarcasm). 

It's run by people who include an ex- Editor of Tatler Magazine, and based in London. Delighted to be working with them and hopefully will do for years to come!

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Thanks very much for the comment. Check out the 'about me' section for a link to my Facebook page.