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Friday, 17 June 2016

A Q&A with me, Dad's Diary (hosted by DIY Daddy)

There's another dad blogger called Nigel, a lovely guy, his blog is called DIY Daddy and he's always doing interviews with other dads. I think that's very nice of him, particularly as I know exactly how hard it is to find time to write on top of being a parent - let alone blog about other people!

This time it was my turn to be interviewed, so he asked me some questions about what it means to me to be a father.

Head over to his blog here to read it! Click here!

DIY Daddy Blog

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  1. Thank you Harry for your kind words it was my pleasure to feature you and I loved your photos
    And thanks for putting it on your blog :) Nige


Thanks very much for the comment. Check out the 'about me' section for a link to my Facebook page.