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Friday, 17 June 2016

When your kid goes away for the day...

I know I bitch and whine all the time about toddlers being nightmares and being punched etc, but he stayed at his Nana's yesterday and I missed this little guy like hell.

It's weird when there's no screaming to wake up to in the morning, no carnage, no toys scattered around everywhere, no food mess on the kitchen table, no arguments, no discussions of what the fairies have brought him overnight or threats about gold stars going missing. It's so surreal, even the cat gets creeped out by it.

So this afternoon I picked him up early from nursery to surprise him, and we went to the seaside and arcade and basically had a blast. We won a bouncy ball, and he told me how he's going to have a fast blue scooter when he's an older boy, and shouted at me to turn the music up in the car. Everything was normal again.
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