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Thursday, 14 July 2016

4 reasons why playing Pokémon GO is basically the same as parenting a small child...

Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me? Grown adults are running around excitedly searching for Pokémon to catch, and then training them up. But really, they're just parents in disguise. 

As the latest global craze, everybody's talking about it, but it's actually been happening since the dawn of time...

Delighted to announce I finally got my Pokemon monster to level 3 - oh wait, I mean my kid. Meme funny joke toddler kid child raising parenting


So apparently there's this new craze, you train up these little monsters and wait this sounds a lot like raising a toddler - Pokemon go parenting mother father trainer to a toddler small child funny



Apparently you can get your little monster to fight other monsters in Pokemon GO. But that happens at every kids birthday party I go to, and I don't even ask my son to do it, it just happens - funny joke meme about parenting a small child or toddler and it's the same as Pokemon Go

You see? It's happening in every household where there's a toddler already!

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