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Saturday, 23 July 2016

The truth about vasectomies - a tale from a survivor

I got chatting to another dad on Twitter and we became friends. Then eventually we got talking about the state of his balls, as you do. Perfectly innocent, dear readers, I assure you. This was man time.

He's my bear, I'm his boo.

Anyway, it turns out that Brad had a vasectomy. I realised that whenever I hear that word, I think of this picture here. I know absolutely nothing about vasectomies other than that the idea makes me feel very, very afraid of scissors goin' baws deep in me. So I thought it would be fun to do an interview with him.

How old are you, Brad?
30 going on 31 years young this year.

Tell me about your kids?
I have two amazing sons. My eldest (Logan - yes, the same as Wolverine) is going on 5 in August and my youngest (Cole) is going on 2 in August. Comparatively they are very similar but very different at the same time. Logan is a very gentle soul whilst Cole is gentle but extremely boisterous as well.

And... A bit about you?

I'm originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. Moved with my wife to the UK in 2007 to pursue my music career. It started to take off but having kids kind of put a hold on it. It's all good though as I've found alternative paths of opportunity. Nowadays I work on a YouTube show called Dear Agony Dad, work a part time job and most importantly spend a lot of time looking after the kids.

Picture of Brad Nagle with his kids

OK let's get down to business. Why did you have a vasectomy? Are you a nutter?
We had long decided that we would only want 2 children so we had 2 options ahead of us. Either I got a vasectomy or my wife got her tubes tied. I decided I would go for the snip as it was a lot less invasive than tubal ligation as well as research has suggested that there can be greater medical complications / ramifications for a woman with that procedure.

Don't you worry, what if you change your mind? What then?
It was something I had considered beforehand, but decided that if we ever felt like extending the family down the line, we would look to adopt and give a child a better life than one that was potentially laid out before them.

Has it had an impact on your sex drive?

Nope. No impact at all. Only for the first few days after the operation.

What exactly happens when you reach the point of no return?
Having a vasectomy doesn't really change much surprisingly. You still ejaculate fluid, however because the tubes are cut, the fluid doesn't contain spermatozoa.

Does it mean you don't want to bash the Bishop much?
Not at all. Although a couple of hours after the operation I thought I would give it a whirl to see how the operation had impacted the old babymaker. Curiosity got the better of me. Needless to say, it was a short lived activity.

Has it changed your balls in any way?
I had never checked until someone asked me a few months after the operation. I noticed that they did hang lower in the testicle pouch as well as I could feel the small lumps on the tubes where they had cauterised them. I also have a barely noticeable scar along the middle of my scrotum.

Tell me about the procedure you had. What was involved? Is it painful?
You lie on a table in a small operating room for roughly 45 minutes whilst a surgeon and a nurse fondle your trombone and kettledrums. They do inject a local anaesthetic into your scrotum and then commence the surgery. The most uncomfortable part of the experience was when the surgeon squeezed the tubes to get a hold of them to cut them. I couldn't feel sharp pain but it was a numb pain. I felt like I was going to punch him in the face.

Wow it’s not what I imagined at all. How much input did you wife have in this decision? Did she approve?
She had a lot of input. I wouldn't make this kind of decision on my own as it would be selfish to take that away from her without consulting her on it first. We both agreed that two kids was a perfect number for our family unit.

Tell me about your YouTube channel, and Dear Agony Dad.
Dear Agony Dad is an online platform where dads can vent, have a laugh and learn about this rollercoaster of a ride called parenthood. I implore parents out there to get in touch to help build the community. I post a lot of videos too, so please subscribe to my Facebook or YouTube!

Website:     www.dearagonydad.com
YouTube:   Here are all our videos
Facebook:  Like to subscribe
Twitter:     @dearagonydad

Finally, what made you choose that name? Is it in any way related to your vasectomy?

No! It is a spin-off of "Dear Agony Aunt" advice columns.

Thanks a lot to Brad Nagle for his honesty here! Do check out his pages, they're really good.

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  1. Brave man. Love this haha
    My hubby said he's going out the world the way he came in, with everything in tact lol. 4 kids later, 4 cesareans later and guess who got her tubes tied.. Yeah ��

    1. He'd still keep his balls, they just wouldn't be attached to the valves anymore ��. And how was recovery after the 4th csec?

  2. Hi, please read the following guidelines from the British Association of Urology surgeons before committing to a vasectomy and fully understand the potential chronic pain risks stated :

    From that source : “Troublesome chronic testicular pain is reported in up to 15% of
    patients and can be severe enough to affect day-to-day activities in
    up to 5%”

    15% = 1 in 7
    5% = 1 in 20

    1. You are correct. The chronic pain risks are not highlighted enough when considering this as a choice. There have been unfortunate instances where men's lives have been ruined due to the pain. It is a gamble.

      I occasionally get discomfort but luckily not the crippling pain I've read that some have been hit with.

  3. If you feel confidents about it, so why not? I wish you doo luck but be ready for the stress it may cause. But remember you can always check here and learn how to cope with stress. It suits most people, so don't be afraid.


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