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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

My toddler's favourite quotes, and what they reveal about his personality

They say a kid starts to reveal their true colours when they reach 3 years old, and I found an interesting WebMD article about this. They interviewed Kirby Deater-Deckard, a Psychology Professor. Apparently, children from age 3 to 5 are becoming much more comfortable expressing themselves with words. 

She says, "During these years, preschoolers also gain more self-control. They begin to rely less on you and others and more on themselves. They're learning how to calm themselves when they get excited, frightened, or upset, and they're becoming more attentive and less emotionally reactive." 

This is my boy; a complex creature as it turns out...

I realised that my son really does have a mixed personality, if his top quotes are to be believed. Here are his different traits:

The exhibitionist
At home, it’s normal to hear these phrases. I've become oblivious to it now. A toddler boy pulling on his thing and leaning in threatening to jab you in the eyeball is just part and parcel of being a parent.
“Look at my winkie.”
“I gotta really big winkie.”

But he often shouts his most outrageous line when we’re in public.
“Look at my big dick.” (Referring to the stick he’s holding.)

The deviant
This is his freakiest line of them all, and it's usually when I can't see him and he's behind me in the bath.
"Can I pee on you?"

That one's guaranteed to get me to jump.

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The evil genius
I never thought he’d have mastered emotional blackmail at this age, but picture the scene; I’m on the toilet, and he comes over with that crazy look in his eyes.

 “Can I sit on your lap?”
“Oh? But Mummy lets me sit on her lap.”

The politician
He will begin his sentences with, “The thing is…”
I feel like I should start saying, “In reference to your last statement…”

The raver
He loves to listen to dance/electronic music, and gives a running commentary when he hears them.
“That’s a banger.”
“It coming, it coming”
…and then when the tune ‘drops’ I actually once heard him say, “That was the perfect drop.”

Not bad for a three year old. Check out my Instagram to see some cool videos.

The connoisseur
“I like it tasty”.

This is his standard response to many questions, e.g. “What do you think of your new jumper / cake / disgustingly bourgeois fair trade organic herbal tea?”

Side note: if you'd like to know about his first dirty burger experience, click here! 

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The fortune teller
“When I’m a older boy, I gonna go away an play tennis with my friends, and when I come back I buy you a car.”

I hope he’s right!

The tattle tale
"Nana has a spider that lives in her car!"

And then I ask her about it, and she looks slightly taken aback.

The obsessive compulsive
“I want the blue bowl.”
“Why don’t you have the green bowl instead?”
*SCREAMS* “I NEED to have the blue bowl.”

That said, he saves his best personality type for when we're cuddling in front of TV watching a film, or when I'm tucking him in at night...

“I love you hoe much.”
That one's the heart melter.

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  1. i laughed so much.What a funny and cute little guy :)

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