Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Getaway.

Put the foot down, kid! Let's show these Portuguese supermarkets how its done!

Intermarche (near Carvoeiro in the Lagoa district of Portugal) have these fantastic child friendly trolleys you can rent. How good is this!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Baby's first year (in 8 minutes)

So his first birthday party was a rip roaring success. The weather was bad so I was freaking out that the venue was going to be too small for everyone to huddle inside but luckily I was wrong and all the babies loved crawling around with the ball pool and circus tent.

It has been an amazing year, and we did it. We got there.

I've taken over 3,000 photos during the year, here are some of the best made into a slideshow so you can see how he has developed during this time. A sort of time lapse, if you will.


Thursday, 10 April 2014

9 days before your first birthday..

9 days to go until your 1st birthday. You are turning out to be a special boy.

Who else do I know that goes to bed at 4:30pm and wakes up at 7am? No one!

You still hardly ever sleep during the day unless it's on a long car journey. We have accepted that you don't really seem to like naps and are a stubborn, active little Taurus!

The other weekend you moved into a grown up car seat and your face was quite a picture when you realised you could see mummy and daddy and the trees and lamp posts whizzing by.

You're able to run with the baby walker and cruise along the bath or the sofa and get yourself standing up. Surely it won't be long until you are walking properly...

This is not daddy's finest example of a blog but just to let you know I am thinking about you and proud of you. Keep smiling, son.

Daddy is also sorry that work has been so busy he hasn't had time to write more...

Monday, 3 February 2014

Too good not to share

Just a thought, for all the other doting parents out there. 

This made me chuckle when someone posted it on Facebook. Fair point, it must be really annoying but we just can't help it can we!

When you post pictures of your kids on Facebook you are probably irritating the shiatsu out of someone else.

Aargh! Good old social media etiquette.

At this point you have two options. 

1) Try and keep a one picture a week limit, or something like that. Works for me.

2) Everyone else can go to hell! Aww. Look at iz little blue shoez! LOL! 
-We all know one of these Rambo parents on Facebook, don't we? I admire their tenacity and the way that DO YOU PEOPLE NOT REALISE THAT 'LIKING' THEIR PICTURE ONLY ENCOURAGES THEM TO POST MORE PICTURES OF THEIR 'CHEEKY LITTLE MONKEY' TODAY??!

P.S for anyone that doesn't know, the picture is of Sloth from the Goonies. A legendary film from the 80s. Much to my horror when I found out, my wife hasn't seen it. But that's another story. 

I may have to entitle it 'iconic 80s films my wife has not seen'. Watch this space.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Not yet walking, but definitely talking / a trip to Bristol Zoo

That babber of mine has been starting to talk lately and this morning when he saw me he said "da da da" very clearly! Proud moment. Weirdly though, I didn't blub or anything like that. I always thought I would when that happened, but I didn't. Instead I just felt like a stereotypical proud dad.

Anyway, today was a slightly unusual day in that I had time booked off work and I had him for the afternoon. So what better than to have a spiffing day out at Bristol Zoo.

We've signed up for a year long family membership so I'm very conscious of making the most of that and the good news, dear readers, is that we've been there three times in a few months. A promising start.

My favourite section is the seals. There's three of them and they are always fighting over who gets to sit on the rock. Pretty brutal gladiatorial combat normally. Not quite child friendly but hey this is a dad blog so I'll say what I want!

'Keep hold of your bits' at the seal enclosure. Sound advice!

Oh ok, back to the baby. So this morning he had said 'da da da' and quickly followed it up with 'ga ga' and 'ba ba' just to prove it wasn't a fluke. So you can imagine the scene, I'm walking him around the zoo, and gently encouraging him to repeat the D word while holding a wobbly camera. A fun time was had by all.

Except when I was filming him he would never say it, and as usual I kept running out of space on the flippin' iPhone and having to delete stuff, so every time I stopped taking a video he would say it. Little git.

I think he likes the zoo though.

Apart from the new 'gorilla island' enclosure where gorillas literally walk on top of you and you can see them through glass. That freaks him out.

Anyway, this was the first time he ever saw a penguin.

This was when he saw a monkey really close up, dancing and swinging from ropes for his pleasure.

It was this monkey, in fact.

Bet you weren't expecting that.

Aaaaargh! If monkeys made zombie horror movies!

The calm before the storm. Making a speech, in his lovely GAP Kids shirt, bought in the sales.

Then we went home and had a lovely time until approximately 4:45pm when he went from being an absolute angel to "I AM SO TIRED NOW THAT UNLESS YOU TAKE ME OUT OF THIS BATH AND DRESS ME IN 4 SECONDS FLAT I AM GOING TO KILL YOU".

Quickly followed by a coughing fit and puking all down his arm. Ah. Fun times.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

9 months old.

In two days he will be 9 months old. So time for an update I think.

Now crawling, he likes to try and pull himself up on things. When he cries for his night feed he is sitting up in his cot like a buddha, and that never fails to freak me out a little. I guess it won't be long until he is standing in it, gripping the bars and gurgling.

He doesn't really talk, but he laughs lots and is a happy, smiley baby. He is starting to wave and clap his hands in response to us, but still doesn't sleep much during the day.

I think we must be quite lucky as he seems to be in a good routine. He goes to bed at about 5pm, wakes at 11pm for a feed and goes straight back to sleep until about 7:30am. That's about 13 hours sleep at night.

He absolutely hates having saline nasal spray squirted up his nose, or having his nose wiped, but I must admit I love doing it and it's really satisfying when you get a good squirt in there! He likes to brush his own teeth and he continues to love bathtime.

Avocado is his favourite food and he'll never say no to a banana or a satsuma. On the whole, he isn't fussy and when we go out for lunch he will eat whatever we have without a complaint.

So on reflection, I think we have a good baby here! A lot of time can be spent as a new parent thinking about whether you are doing things right. Should we be dropping the night feed I wonder, now that he's nearly 9 months? Science probably says yes, but if it means we get uninterrupted sleep then maybe not!

My favourite thing at the moment is to kiss him on the top of his forehead when I do the night feed, there is a lush little squidgy, fatty bit of skin there that wiggles when I move it from side to side.

On another note, I think he's going to be tall like me, as his trousers for a 9-12 month old fit him very comfortably and we've already had to buy the next size up for when he has his next growth spurt. Watch this space!